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Non-stop movement... non-stop sweat, Corebar® is intense, energetic, playful, diverse, deliberate, focused and...FUN.

Tonje KristenstuenEach class leaves you exhilarated from the experience and already looking forward to the next one! Most of all, Corebar® training is effective and tough; this is the ultimate calorie burning workout to test your levels of fitness and endurance.

Using a weighted bar, you'll re-contour, re-define and re-shape your muscles with particular focus on your core, using signature Corebar® moves along with influences from traditional aerobics and resistance training, martial arts and Pilates, all in 60 minutes, helping you become Corebar® STRONG.

WHY GET Corebar® “S.T.R.O.N.G.”

S.T.R.O.N.G. is an acronym for the overall benefits you will
achieve from participating regularly in a Corebar® class
S stabilized spine
T tensile strength of connective tissue
R resilient muscle response
O oxygenated system
N neuromuscular integration
G get on with your life!

Corebar® is the body makeover workout to take you to your potential. Have fun, Train Hard... or Go Home!

Train hard or go home

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